Apartment Hunting in Barcelona

Yesterday we saw seven apartments in Barcelona.

We walked back and forth on Diagonal, seeing apartments in Eixample and Sant Gervasi and Gracia.

The sun was beating down on us, and for lunch we only had time to eat some olives.

We were tired, and not seeing apartments that we wanted to rent.

We cursed in Spanish.

Well, at least tried to. I don't know enough Spanish curses. I need to speak with my Spanish tutor about that.

For the apartment that we really liked, the owner wanted us to show that we had 3-year's rent for the apartment in Spanish bank account.

This is an unusual request. We said no, we can't do that.

But we are going to break into the apartment and start squatting.

Try to throw us out, just try.

You wanted 3-year's rent in our bank account. Now you'll get nothing.