I Don't Know How to Make Friends As an Adult

Recently I was driving by myself one afternoon searching to see if I could get a booster shot.

My wife had our son.

I realized after a few hours away from my wife and son that if they weren't there to fill my days I wouldn't have anyone to hang out with. And now that we live in Spain, I'm not nearby any of my childhood or college friends.

So how do people make friends as an adult? Why do I find it so hard to put myself out there?

I'm just going to start going up to people and asking if they want to be my friend.

"Hi, can be friends, sir? I don't speak Spanish very well or Catalan at all but maybe we could get some jamon and a cerveza together? Or we could just sit together in silence. That's fun too, right? Are we walking now? I like walking. Excuse me, I don't have a key for this door that you just closed in my face. Is this a friend game? Does one friend sit outside the door and other sit inside the door? Oooh, that's fun. Thanks for being such a good friend."