Gin & Tonics

Gin & Tonics
Don't forget the basil leaf. (Photo by Devin Berko / Unsplash)

Making gin and tonics at home seems so extravagant.

I'll order a gin and tonic when I'm out at a bar or restaurant no problem, but at home, I think, "How fancy."

At home, I wonder, "A gin and tonic, do I even deserve this? Am I worth it? Maybe I should just drink water out of this mason jar. Or I could just drink straight from the tap."

Then I think: "No, Joey, no. It's okay. You can treat yourself well. You can cut up a lime and have this gin and tonic. Go for it."

"Thank you," I'll say to myself. "Thank you."

Then I'll hug myself. A really good, tight hug. I won't let go until it gets really uncomfortable.