How Long Can I Wear My Cashmere Pajamas Today?

I wanted to see how long I could get away with wearing my cashmere pajamas today.

I stayed home all morning, so it wasn't too hard to wear them.

Was it okay to wear my cashmere pajamas to lunch?

I soon found out.

I did get a couple stares.

People were obviously jealous that I was bold enough to wear my cashmere pajamas to a nice restaurant.  

They obviously had enormous respect for my fashion choices.

When I wore my cashmore pajamas to the grocery store, I continued to get stares of approval and respect.

When I picked up my son at school, my fellow parents must have thought, "He must be some kind of fashion genius. Wow, so honored to be in his presence."

We ate dinner at home but again I could tell I had the utmost respect from my wife who clearly admired my pajamas and didn't roll her eyes once.

The best thing about wearing your cashmere pajamas all day is that you don't have to change to go to bed.

You can just jump right in.

Good night.