How Often Do People Think about Dying?

What's the normal amount of time to think about death?

Once a day? Or a week? Or a month?

I'm not obsessed with it. Just sometimes I think about it when I'm lying in bed awake at 3am or I'm standing in line at the post office or I read a story about someone dying who is my age.

What will it feel like? Will I have time to say goodbye? Will I make a ghostly appearance to anyone?

To that end, why are certain people allowed to be ghosts but others are not?

Who gets to decide that?

I think I'd make a fun ghost. I'd totally turn lights on and off, open drawers, turn on the radio.

Okay, not the radio, I'm not eighty. I'd turn on Spotify on your phone. Mostly to play Lizzo. I'm a fun ghost.