I hate ants in my home.

So if I see them, I, like many others, kill them.

Yet I feel bad for killing them.

I make up little stories in my head about these ants.

These two ants on the kitchen floor are a power couple named Andy and Tiffany who have been struggling for months to feed their five kids when they finally found a scrap of food on the floor. The message was relayed. "Food, food, food, we found food."

Other ants come to help. Andy and Tiffany can't wait to tell their five kids about their day and how they found a tiny bit of cake on the floor. This is the happiest they have ever been in their lives.

But then a tall monster with a spray bottle towers over them. And attacks with a spray bottle.

The liquid sends Andy and Tiffany sliding along the floor. Then the biggest paper towel they've ever seen comes over them like a dark cloud.  They struggle in the liquid on the ground to escape but can't move.

"Andy, Andy," Tiffany cries.

"Tiffany, Tiffany, I love you," Andy says, gasping for breath.

Those are their last words.

Uncle Phil, Andy's brother, is watching this all from a distance. He has a small piece of the cake in his mouth. He's going to have to give the kids this cake and tell them what happened.  

He turns to go.  

"Gotcha," the monster said.

And Uncle Phil is no more.

But Aunt Lucinda sees it all. She had no cake to bring the kids, only the news of the massacre.

"And don't come back," the tall monster said but then begins to cry.