I Forgot the Premium in NYC You Have to Pay for Things Not to Suck

We had to get a last minute hotel room in NYC because friends we were going to stay with unfortunately got COVID (feel better, friends). So we booked a hotel room for $200.

It wasn't the cheapest room and it certainly wasn't the most expensive room.

But I forgot that the $200 doesn't include the "Not Suck" tax you have to pay in New York City.

Because we forgot to pay the "Not Suck" tax our hotel room is right next to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

If we could open the window in our hotel room we could give high fives to drivers in their cars racing by us at all hours of the night.  

I mean, that would be dangerous--a high five from a driver going sixty mph or higher would probably break your hand or arm.

Which would mean going to the hospital where you'd have to pay another $10,000 at the emergency room.

Wait, sorry, forgot about the "Not Suck" tax. More like $20,000 to get a decent doctor to patch you up.

Ah, New York, I missed you so much.