I Have to Do Something Really Important Today

But I don't know what it is. I've forgotten. It's really important though.

Pay credit card bill? Meet someone? Wish someone a happy birthday?

I look for a post-it note around the house or a note on my phone.


I must have written it down somewhere.

I look around the house, becoming more frantic.

I pull open drawers and empty them.

I throw my phone to the ground.

What am I supposed to do today?

I push the couch to the side and throw the pillows on the floor.

I rip paintings off the wall.

I run up and down the stairs until I am out of breath.

I am in full panic mode now.

I take the mirrors off the wall and they crash to the ground.  I empty the fridge. I pour out the trash onto the ground.


It's big, the thing I had to do today was big. I know that.

I light a match and throw it on the floor.  

I don't know what else to do.

I stand out on the sidewalk and watch the house go up in flames. As I hear the sirens of the firetrucks in the distance, I remember. I need to buy more cream for my hemorrhoids.

Whew, glad I remembered.