I Made Huge Mistake Driving Today

We drove to Palamos today to eat lunch at a Thai restaurant and also look for some new clothes for my son who is growing rapidly every day.

But I did a bad thing. I drove through a restricted residential area of the city. You get a fine if you do this, generally.

Last time I drove through a restricted area of a different town I received a fine of 100 euros.

Which seems high since a speeding ticket is about 50 euros.

When I realized what I was doing it was too late. I couldn't back up. I had to drive through.

My wife was yelling at me.

I was yelling at my wife.

My son was yelling at us both.

My son's stuffed animals were yelling.

The car was yelling.

So much yelling.

Now I'll just sit at home and wait for that ticket to come.