I Missed a Super Important Appointment

Yesterday was an important day.

I had an appointment to get my fingerprints taken at the regional police station  to renew my residency card in Spain. This is the card that gives me permission to live here.

At breakfast I looked at the email to check the time of the appointment.

Then I saw the date.

It was the day before.

"Shit," I said.

"Shit," my son said.

"I mean shoot," I said.

"I meant shoot," he said.

I was upset. How how did I screw this up? This is really bad.

"Errrrgh," I said.

"Eeerrgh," my son said.

"I messed up," I told my son.

He leaned close to me. "I need to tell you a secret."

I leaned down to get closer to him.

"You fucked up bad," he whispered into my ear. "Real bad."

Or at least that's what it sounded like. He may have told me a secret about a dragon or something.  

Anyway, I have a new appointment scheduled for October. Really need to make that one. I don't want my son swearing at me again.