I Need Money. I Need It Fast.

Maybe I shouldn't have quit my job when we moved to Spain.

Maybe on my last day at the office I shouldn't have thrown my phone at the glass partition window and when the glass only slightly cracked maybe I shouldn't have thrown my computer monitor at the glass and when it bounced back and fell on my foot maybe I shouldn't have thrown my office chair at the glass so it finally broke.  

I don't know, it's easy to second guess yourself.  

Maybe I should have stayed on part-time remotely.

Yes, I was exhausted, burnt out, and tired from trying to break that glass partition window, but that doesn't mean I should toughed it out for a few months.

I could have done incredibly bad job.

Until I got fired.

Then I could have gotten unemployment benefits.

I could have been paid to go to the beach.

Why do I need money now? It's just that I really need to buy a boat.