I Really Need a Coca-Cola

I need some caffeine.

Coffee, which I love, gives me acid reflux. Black or green tea also give me acid reflux. (I have a fun life.)

So Coca-Cola is the next best thing. But there is no Coca-Cola in this hotel room. What kind of a hotel room doesn't have Coca-Cola? I mean, it's probably healthier not to have Coca-Cola but I don't like others making that decision for me.

I just don't feel like walking down the street to the corner store. I just don't feel like going outside in the hot sun and walking down the sidewalk. And talking to people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been horrible and terrible but I haven't minded staying home.

And now many people don't have to wear masks anymore.

I don't want to see people's faces. I don't want their hot breath on me.

I just want to stay in and ignore people and watch TV and read books.

Location: Austin, Texas‌‌, Hyatt House Austin/Downtown ‌‌

Weather: Sunny, 80 degrees F| 26 degrees C‌‌

Mood: Texas chic.