I Thought I Didn't Need Goals

I used to read minimalism blogs and there was one by two guys who said that you didn't need goals.

They encouraged their readers to get rid of goals, just like you'd get rid of unnecessary clothes, furniture, and old papers.

The amazing thing, they claimed, is that you still get things done.

Since I just follow what I read or see on the Internet, I thought, "Wow, this seems like a really good idea, I'll try that."

So I didn't have any goals. I thought every day I could decide how I wanted to spend my time and still accomplish things.

Complete failure.

Without goals, I didn't do much. I ate a lot of snacks. I watched TV. I stared off into the distance.

If I don't have goals or deadlines or actionable steps, I'm lost.

Like my goals for today for example:

Eat a chocolate croissant
Go to the beach
Do everything to avoid writing even though that's the one thing I truly want to do with my life.

I can confirm that because I listed these goals I accomplished them.

It's amazing how that works.