I Used to Fast on Fridays

When I was a teenager and a Christian, and believed there was a God who cared about what one teenager living in Pennsylvania in the late 1990's did, I fasted on Fridays.

I thought that fasting would make me holy. I thought I'd become closer to God. I thought, if I prayed really hard and fasted super well, I'd be a saint.

So, from sunup to sundown, I only drank water. I didn't eat anything.

It was terrible. I hated it. I didn't become holy. I didn't get closer to God. I didn't become a saint (though there's still time).

On Fridays, I worked at our local Bob Evans, and so when I got a break (around 9:30pm or 10pm) I would eat dinner, my first meal of the day.

That dinner was so good. I still remember what I'd order: chicken tenders on top of a salad with Thousand Island dressing and for dessert Oreo Pie.

Yum. That meal was more fulfilling and satisfying than anything I got out of religion.