I'm Waiting for My Parents to Die

They are not vaccinated against Covid-19, for religious reasons.

When I spoke to my mom about it, they said they were keeping in good health and taking "pre-cautionary measures." She didn't say what those were but they are also anti-mask, so maybe Ivermectin.

It's frustrating because they are getting older and have underlying health problems.

So I'm waiting for Omicron to get them.

But it's not just that they are anti-vaxxers.

Although it's true that my mom spends most of her time weaving and knitting, and my dad spends hours every day balancing the checkbook and paying bills, they are well known in the Lititz competitive street luging circles as well as the Pennsylvania Christian Base jumping Association (PCBA).

I've tried to get them to stop, but I can't say anything to change their minds.

All I can say is, Bye.