I'm Watching a lot of Kids' Shows

I'm Watching a lot of Kids' Shows
Photo by Jonas Leupe / Unsplash

We sometimes let our son watch Netflix or Disney. And when he is sick we let him watch more. There are so many kids shows out there now.

Not that I watched when I was young. The only shows that we were allowed to watch were MacGyver and early Cosby Show. We didn't watch Mr. Rodgers or Sesame Street or cartoons.

My parents let my younger sister watch Barney and Lamp Chops.

Maybe that's the reason she is the one who lives closest to them.

My son likes me to sit next to me as he watches. He calls me over if I get up to do the dishes or the laundry.

"Papa, sit with me," he says.

Even TV watching is a communal activity. I always thought it was more solitary but it is not.

Will he live near me? Or will I remember these moments when he lives far away, rarely visiting?