Is There a Hell?

In the morning as I'm waking up, there's a time where I am aware I'm sleeping but also not fully awake. In that stage of sleep/wakefulness I do a lot of serious thinking.  

This morning I was wondering if there was an afterlife, and whether on my deathbed I would have some sort of re-conversion to avoid the pains of hell.

But I just don't know how anyone can be sure of what happens after we die. Maybe some part of us does live on somehow. I'd love for my soul to just float around for a while after I die (which I hope won't be for a while, knock on wood).

I can do some serious travel and sightseeing.

I can sit on a beach. I can go see some plays. I can fly first class.

Sounds pretty good.

Christianity would be a lot more fun if it included world travel as one of the perks of going to heaven.