It's Almost Lunch Time Where Should We Go?

Our house cleaner is coming at 1pm, and so we need to find a place to eat lunch in town. I suggest a restaurant in town that has a pretty good chicken curry, although they don't bring much rice. We asked for extra rice last time and got a thimble full of rice, strange since there are rice farms nearby. Once we decide on the restaurant, the big question for lunch is always do we drink or not drink? I debate whether I am going to take a nap with my son after lunch. Or am I trying to get some things done? We have drinks at 6pm with some friends so I don't want to do too much. I should probably just rest after lunch. I don't want to overextend myself. These are the serious things you have to consider when living in Spain. What other questions to consider? Should I get a Crema Catalana for dessert or the tiramisu?  Or maybe I should just have another Cava.