I Need to Get a Job

Today Spain is celebrating Kings' Day. Last night our town had a parade, which had two of my son's favorite things: horses and trains. There were four horses, a band of drummers, and many people dressed up as kings (with some very unfortunately in blackface), as well as a train, which is how the three wise men arrived in Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The Spanish take their Kings' Day seriously. Just like a holiday a few days ago, you get the day off and people are supposed to exchange gifts. There is also a traditional cake, called a Roscón De Reyes, topped with candied fruit. Inside the cake here is a ceramic baby Jesus and a dried fava bean. If you find the baby Jesus you get to wear a paper crown and get good luck for the year, as the Bible teaches. If you find the fava bean you have to pay for the cake next year.

I, of course, found the fava bean. No ceramic baby Jesus for me. If I had found you, baby ceramic Jesus, maybe I would believe you again. But no, you've let me down once more. Thanks a lot, ceramic baby Jesus. Thanks a lot.