I Don't Remember My Childhood

Like, what did I do growing up?


Here's what I remember.

  1. I was homeschooled.
  2. We went to church every Sunday.
  3. We lived in a duplex next door to the pastor of the church and his family.
  4. The daughter in that family, Amanda, was my best friend growing up.
  5. Amanda's mom used to yell at them a lot. Like a lot. We could hear it through the walls.
  6. My dad was often unemployed. I mean, it was probably only a couple times, but it felt like a lot. He cursed out his boss, said he hoped his boss died.
  7. My dad once applied for work at a warehouse but they didn't hire him because he passed his drug test. At least that's what he said.
  8. My two older brothers were unhappy. They didn't like being around me.
  9. My younger sister liked to sing to herself and watch Lamb Chops on television.
  10. I stayed in my room and read the Hardy Boys books.
  11. Late one night, when I should have been sleeping, I saw my father in the backyard, digging. He buried something wrapped in plastic.
  12. The next day there were newly planted flowers where he had dug.
  13. The police came around to talk to my dad. His old boss was missing, did he know anything about it?
  14. My parents never moved from that house. My father refused, always refused, even when the pastor tried to buy him out.