My Wife Is Trimming My Ear Hairs

And she seems super excited about it.

You know you've reached a fun age and point in your relationship when this happens.

Maybe she just enjoys holding a sharp pair of scissors close to head.

Or maybe she missed her calling as a hairdresser.

"Thanks babe," I say. "And don't forget the nose hairs."

"How could I forget them?" she says. "They're staring right at me. They all have their own unique personalities. Sometimes when you fall asleep I just talk to your nose hairs. We're quite close, actually, I don't know if I can trim them."

"They'll grow back," I say.

"Oh yeah, they will," she says as she snips away. "Bye Betty, bye Freddy, bye Clarence, bye bye see you soon."

Awkward silence.

"I guess I'll sweep them up," I say.

And this is the most fun that we'll have today.