Farmer Joe

Farmer Joe
To harvest olives, you just have to shake the tree really hard. (Photo by Flor Saurina / Unsplash)

After helping my in-laws harvest olives on their property the past two days, I've decided to give up on my writing and buy an olive farm in the country.

I plan to move my wife and son out there as soon as possible.

I haven't told them yet. I'm sure they will be thrilled.

We'll make olive oil and brine olives.

We will plant a vegetable garden.

We will wake at 5am and work 10-12 hour days.

No more supermarkets or cities for us.

We will eat only what we grow.

Maybe, as a treat, we will kill a chicken to eat.

Or, if we want to be super decadent, we will buy a banana from the store. But only once in a while.

Mostly we'll just drink olive oil and eat olives.

I see no problems with my plan.