Our Fridge Is Beeping Nonstop

Our fridge has defeated me.

Many times a day, for no apparent reason, it beeps incessantly for hours.

It's the same beep that tells you the door is open, but the door is not open.

We even defrosted the fridge for three days and restarted it.

It was better for a few days but now it's beeping again.

The repair technician is ignoring my repeated cries for help.  

I'm wondering if I take an axe to the fridge if that will help.

I stand right next to the fridge so he can hear me. "Why are you beeping, little fridge? What's wrong? What can I do to help you? I swear I'll help you if you tell me. Just tell me what's troubling you, little fridge. Just tell me. C'mon, sweet fridge. You don't have to  be scared. Open up a little. I'll help you, I promise."