Scheduling Question for Jesus

I know that no one knows the hour or the day, not even Jesus himself and apparently he doesn't want to ask the Father, but will Jesus return before the sun explodes or is after a possibility too?

I mean, if he is going to have his 1,000 year reign on earth, probably before the sun explodes, right?

Or will he patch up the sun and maybe give it a bit more juice so it can last the entire 1,000 years of his earthly reign before he sends all the sinners into the lake of fire?

I'm just trying to schedule a few things in my calendar and would like have a better idea.

You think I won't be around?

Jesus is going to resurrect everyone when he returns, not just believers.

I mean, he's resurrecting the sinners just to throw all the sinners into the lake of fire but I'm trying to pencil in a few activities between resurrection and being tossed into eternal torment.