Ski or Don't Ski

In the Austrian Alps you either ski or don't ski.

Unless you are under six years old and want to learn how to ski. In this case you can go to ski school.  

But if you want to go up to the mountains, up the gondola, you better know how to ski.

Don't think that there are green lines to go down. There are no green lines. There are blue lines but these blue lines don't mean anything.

They might be blue on the map but the person making the map just liked to use the color blue sometimes. They didn't mean to suggest that a blue line was doable.

There are red and black lines which, yes, are harder, but these also don't mean anything. Except the black lines. Those are just a vertical drops off a cliff.

The red lines are sort of easy but not really. You will probably get stuck and then slide down on your butt. You will start crying. But it's okay. After you get down the mountain you can have a tall glass of beer and a schnitzel and blood sausage.

Anyways, we had a great time skiing and didn't fall down at all.