Church Is Boring

Back when I thought my soul would be damned to hell for eternity for not going to mass, I forced myself to go.

Sometimes the routine was nice. And, generally, I like Catholic churches. They are beautiful. Especially with the candles, statues, artwork, and Gregorian chant, if you're lucky. And the liturgy can be beautiful as well.

But, still, I was bored. Homilies are boring. With only a few exceptions, there are not many exceptional pastors who can give an engaging talk.

Which is why I started bringing a pillow to mass. When the homily started, or right before I was supposed to greet others, I would just lie down and take a nap. Sometimes I got out my phone and watched a TV show or movie. I also started leaving critical Yelp reviews.

I had to make my displeasure known somehow.