Travel Days

What's it like flying long distances with a toddler? people ask us.

Well, the first and most important question you have to ask is, "Does the airplane have in-flight entertainment and if so do they have the Paw Patrol movie?

If the answer is yes, and you have headphones for the child, then you're set. The child will watch Paw Patrol from start to finish until the plane lands.

When you get off the airplane the child will ask to get on another airplane so they can keep watching Paw Patrol the movie.

When you say that you have arrived at the destination airport and that you are not getting on another airplane, they will collaspe and start crying.

You will then just get on whatever airplane you see next. Doesn't matter where it's going as long as they have Paw Patrol.

When you arrive at another airport, you will just keep getting on airplanes.

That's how you travel with toddlers.