Am I a Good Parent? I Ask

Am I a Good Parent? I Ask
I like to take my son on dangerous rock climbing trips. (Photo by Ante Hamersmit / Unsplash)

I think I meet the baseline criteria of being a good parent. I, thankfully, haven't hit my child nor am I abusive in any way that's obvious to me.

But do I have what it takes to be at the next level of parenting? Like the kind of parent that just gets it. That is both firm and loving. Able to set firm but appropriate boundaries and also let my kid explore. Able to be emotionally-open in a way that's healthy, and teach my son how to share his emotions. Am I able to have fun, and create memorable moments that he thinks back on fondly.

Or will his first memory of me will be me swearing and screaming at the man who just cut me off in the car and gave me the finger.

I don't know, but I think it's perfectly fair that parents should offer to pay for therapy for their children. Because no matter how hard I try, everyone screws up and runs another man's car off the road and then gets out of the car and beats that man up.