Gettysburg Ghosts

After going to bed late, I woke up early at 6am. Now the prudent, wise, and mature thing would have been to just get out of bed and start my day, even if I did feel tired.

You know, be productive. Eat breakfast. Work out. Do the laundry. Any of those things.

But do you know what's more important than being productive?

Lying in bed looking at your phone. That's way more important.

It's definitely more important to read, say, about ghosts in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Like Jennie Wade, who during the battle of Gettysburg was shot through the heart by a stray bullet while she was kneading bread. She is reportedly seen walking around her house and the countryside and has supposedly scratched or pushed visitors to her home.  

Or, it's definitely more important to read about how early humans generally had few cavities, and it was only when humans invented farming and begin to eat more grain that cavities began to be common.  

Or, it's more important to read about a woman who survived the Holocaust who fell in love with her American liberator and was married to him for fifty years. She died this month.

All these things are way more important than getting anything useful done.