Use Your Time Wisely

My wife took my son to my in-laws house.

"Each minute is a gift," I told myself. "Don't throw it away."

So I sat on the couch on and looked at videos on Instagram.

I yelled at myself. "What the hell are you doing, man? Do something that will add value to your life. You complain about not having enough time. I mean, dude, what the hell? Start a business! Do a side hustle! Do pushups!"

But I couldn't get up. My cat had jumped on my lap. He was sitting purring. He needed me. He wanted pets. And petting your cat releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone that helps you feel less stressed.

Sitting on the couch was good for me!

So I showed my cat animal videos on Instagram. We watched pigs swimming in the ocean, an emaciated dog be rescued and find a family, and a cow running in a pasture to greet a little girl.

My cat closed his eyes and fell asleep. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When I awoke my son was jumping on top of me. My cat was gone.

I hadn't started a business or side hustle nor had I done pushups.

"Quick," I said to my son. "How do I start a business in the next hour that will make me five to seven thousands dollars a month working four hours a week?"

He grabbed a shoehorn that he uses as his sword. "Come play with me," he said, and handed me a stick that is my sword.

"Okay," I said, "but I need three quick ideas for side hustles that will net 2 to 3k per month with only an investment of ten dollars."

He stabbed me with the shoehorn.

I went down.

This was it.

Goodbye, world. Goodbye, side hustles. Goodbye, pushups.