We Just Had the Most Disgusting Meal of Our Lives in Paris

We are in France this week. Paris, to be exact, the capital of France.

We went to this one bistro today for lunch and my wife ordered the steak tartare. We both love steak as we've ordered steaks many times from the Kansas City Steak Company and we had heard that the beef (or boeuf) is also very good in Paris.

Well, we absolutely couldn't believe it when the waiter brought out the steak. The first thing we noticed is that it was cut into small pieces like a burger or something. We didn't order a burger! Second and more important we absolutely couldn't believe that the steak was red and raw. They hadn't cooked it!

We got into a fight with the waiter. He said it was supposed to be raw. We said if the chef is not going to cook it for you what's the point in eating at a restaurant? I could just grab some raw meet from the grocery store.

He said we were stupid Americans. I said he was a stupid Frenchman who puts mayonnaise on his freedom fries. He put me in a headlock but I managed to throw him in the ground and hit him with a day old baguette.

Then I said, Just kidding. We know steak tartare is supposed to be raw. We just liked to commit to a joke.

We all had a good laugh and shared a bottle of champagne. My wife and I know how to have fun.