Beach Time

One of the great things about living in Spain close to the beach is that on a random Tuesday afternoon we can go for a swim.

Just because we feel like it.

We can float in the cool water when it's hot and humid outside.

We can sit at a table afterwards and have a vermouth to drink and olives with anchovies and potato chips to eat.

We can drive back home and my son can fall asleep in the car.

And I can carry him up to his bed and then go have another vermouth and more olives with anchovies and potato chips.

That's all we do here. Just drink vermouth and eat potato chips and olives with anchovies.

In fact, our visa application required us to write an essay describing how much vermouth we would drink and how many olives with anchovies and potato chips we would eat.

We are required by Spanish law to consume a specified amount each day or else our visa is revoked.

Just trying to follow the law.