What a Typical Day Is Like in Spain For Me

8am-8:45am - Wake up, eat breakfast with my son. Listen to Paw Patrol soundtrack. Get him ready to go to school.

9am - 9:45am - Study Spanish. Pretend I know what my Spanish professor is telling me. Just say, "Si, si, si, si, si," and hope for the best.  

9:45am-10:30am - "Work"--i.e., look through Instagram.  

10:30am-12pm - Break. That work session was hard.

12pm-1pm - Eat olives with anchovies. They are so good. I love them. I can't stop eating them.

1pm-3pm - Lunch at the beach. Have a beer and look out at the shimmering, clear water and blue sky and on my phone look at the snowstorm pounding New York City where I used to live and start laughing.

3pm - 6pm - Pick up son from school and go to a playground where there is a bar and have a drink. Ride with him on the zipline. (Yes, there's alcohol and ziplines at playgrounds in Spain--they know how to live.)

6pm - 7pm - Nap while son watches Paw Patrol.

7pm - 8pm - Tapas. More olives. Have a Cava or Vermut with orange slices.  

8pm-11pm - Dinner in the historic city center of the town. Have fresh fish or lamb or chicken. Gelato afterwards.

11:30pm - Good night. I'm exhausted.