What Do I Want the Rest of My Life to Look Like?

I envision myself sitting poolside and sipping drinks with cocktail umbrellas.

I'm wearing a long flowing robe.

Men wearing speedos are walking around with trays serving drinks and snacks.

Wait, I'm wearing a speedo under my robe.

I take my robe off and do a swan dive into the pool.

I swim underwater for a long time.

I realize I can breathe underwater. My feet have turned into a long tail.

I am a merman.

I surface and people look at me curiously. I have the tail of a fish now.

"Could you grab my drink, please?" I say. "I can't get out of the water right now. Could you just get it please? I have a tail of a fish, I can't really walk over and get my drink. Yeah, I could dry off and then the tail will disappear but that will take a while. I'd really like my drink now, thanks. That's better. Hmmm, this is good."