Sometimes I Have a Bad Temper

Sometimes I Have a Bad Temper
Photo by Diego González / Unsplash

I always thought I was chill and relaxed and outgoing but I’m not.

I just pretend to be since I’m also a people pleaser.

I suppose I never wanted to acknowledge I have a bad temper since my father does as well and I always vowed to not be like him.

But I’m more like him than I want to admit.

As kids when we were watching TV (some G-rated movie or MacGyver, no doubt) he’d come and stand and watch a little bit. He’d never sit down. Oh no, sitting down would be too much of a commitment. He had things to do. He’d just stand and watch.

Now I do the same thing.

Until my wife says, “Um, do you want to sit down?”

“Fine,” I say. “Fine.”

I sit down. See, I’m not like him at all.